Despite the many efforts made with the Nepalese authorities and the many support provided by the Sherpa community, the Ministry responsible for tourism in Nepal and the Nepalese Consulate in Barcelona, ​​I did not finally get the special permit to be able to stay one year round in Namche (3,440 m.) in order to live with the Sherpa community in the Khumbu valleys.

This has obliged me to reschedule the project and divide it into two periods of 5 months, which is the maximum visa time that the immigration authorities of the country grant for this type of stay within the same calendar year.

For this reason, I will stay 5 months from the end of July to the end of December 2019 and 5 months more from February to July 2020. This timetable implies to lose two months of the Sherpa life in the valleys of Khumbu, one in winter and the other in summer. It’s a pity since there are precisely two seasons of the year when life at those altitudes is tougher, because of cold in winter and monsoon rains in summer.

I hope. however, to establish the necessary personal ties with the people of the country, to collect the information of their daily life from these two months “by delegation”.